Two words that make me giggle no matter what. Moist and penetrate. Penetrate is also sexy, it just makes me giggle. A lot of sexy things make me giggle. Moist is not sexy tho. Moist is only for delicious cake.

I want things. I may not be able to tell you what all they are. To enunciate the syllables of my weakness is hard for me. I will sit there, bright red, and laugh – looking anywhere but at you, avoiding your gaze. I will never admit the kind of girl I am with you on top of me. Wanton, begging, with no impulse control what-so-ever. I am a smart girl, but Daddy’s cock in my face and I am done. I don’t know my name. Please give it to me. There comes a point when you could do anything you wanted with me. That’s scary. Lucky for me, Daddy keeps me safe while making me cum like a slutty baby.